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Therapy session

Individual Psychotherapy or Counselling

Individual psychotherapy or counselling provides a safe space to work through your issues.  Psychotherapy helps to understand the root cause of our problems, often thinking about childhood experiences and how the environment you were raised in can affect how you relate to others and the world in the present.  Counselling is usually more focussed on a current problem and short term work.

Weight Management Therapy 

For some, maintaining a healthy body weight isn't something they have to think about.  For others, it can be a life-long battle, which is often repeatedly lost.  Specialised weight management therapy is one-to-one therapy over 12 weeks which offers the opportunity to better understand the reasons why we can't achieve our goals, and to help recognise the destructive patterns repeatedly causing us to fail.  

Checking Weight
Support Group

Weight Loss Support Group

This once-weekly support group runs on a twelve week  cycle and is designed to run alongside your weight management plan. We will work together to identify negative thinking patterns, emotional eating, triggers which disrupt our plans and much more.  Sharing experiences so you can better understand what is preventing you from success and supporting each other to reach your goals.

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